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  Beijing kai qing dongguang electronics co., LTD. Headquarters is located in Beijing zhongguancun, KOAN registered brand, the company production and operation of high-grade quality products, excellent customer development at home and abroad. In the Marketing Department is equipped with advanced and comprehensive testing instrument, can provide customers with fast and accurate technical services. On product quality, excellence, set the essence of the domestic and foreign outstanding factory, make extraordinary internal control quality standards, to hit a KOAN excellent brand OEM way. At the same time, to establish high quality production and processing bases. In product delivery, the company with a large number of spot in combination with the order at the same time to prepare raw materials to meet the need. Company have the supply and settlement system at home and abroad, the domestic focus on urban development sales and service network. Supply company has more than 100 military units and attaches great import。

  Company is constantly developing its own brand, but also in the field of research learning devices in the future, with the development of the world through the eyes of macro, development of the industry.


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