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How are we doing this crisis?

作者:admin  日期:2016-06-13 14:01:53

  What are the lessons we learn from the crisis?

  First of all, to understand the two crisis we are facing: the financial crisis and economic crisis. The financial crisis is actually the Third World War, the United States was forced to plunder the wealth of the world through financial weapons and combat non American real economy. Financial war we have failed, we have lost $600 billion in foreign exchange reserves, equivalent to RMB the 40000 countries should reduce the RMB 4 trillion million, the amount, in order to the development of the real economy may have been expanding domestic demand, will inevitably cause the devaluation of the RMB. The new president of the United States came to power after the financial rescue policies will take to maintain the interests of the United States and homes, the homes of our interests, our country will continue to value the loss of foreign exchange reserves of course, an estimated $400 billion. This part of the loss will be compensated from the price of imported products. The financial crisis is over estimated time in 2009, because of competition for the entity Economic control in 2009 really started, the world economy is the most difficult period. The United States in April this year has been made to protect the amendment of the real economy, the United States has been ahead of the response to the economic crisis to the financial crisis in the United States did not panic, economic crisis, the United States will not panic, Obama came to power, sure to save the American economy, the establishment of green energy economy, the reform of the medical system, improve education, improve the social security system, to the long-term interests of investment stable American popular thing. And then use the relatively low cost of purchase or investment control or sunshine industry, to win the future foundation. With our financial losses, we control the real economy, the tide, who won the industry, who will win the future. The economic crisis has now started to deteriorate, the time depends on at the end of American Jews of financial investors Greedy, pick up time is determined in the world people's employment and income levels. In 2009 China's economic situation will be, people will become more diligent, but it is not easy to earn money, the inability of people to increase consumption, the enthusiasm of enterprises did not increase investment, countries need to intensify efforts to increase investment. Sick as a mountain down, to disease, such as spinning, the economic crisis over there is no clear time.

  One. We do our own job.

  1 to ensure that the industry is fully prepared to reduce the virtual investment.

  2 to strengthen the electronic knowledge and cultural training, training team, improve the management level, the market is difficult to do, improve the ability;

  3 thrift, hard work;

  4 do not speculate and blind investment;

  5 from the thought is not too pessimistic, but also to the future of the difficulties fully estimated;

  6 treat customers, treat employees, treat the market to take responsibility, take responsibility, will be able to overcome all difficulties.

  Two. Countries from the investment, consumption, export three aspects of stimulating demand, we do not have to be pessimistic.

  1. Investment: 1) national investment: greater efforts to increase education, medical, social security, public infrastructure investment; at the same time to carry out the integrity of the building, reduce the cost of State Administration; rational allocation of resources.

  2) to encourage enterprises to invest: to increase investment in education, to enrich the wealth of knowledge of enterprise staff, increase investment in research and development. To lay the foundation for the development of domestic and foreign markets.

  2. Encouraging people to spend, the countries on the one hand, increase social security, relieve the people's worries, on the other hand for the people create employment opportunities, let people have money to spend; while promoting thrift.

  3 export: China's export industry has formed a strong competitive advantage, the country will further improve the foreign trade environment, will adjust the import and export taxes, support the export of products.

  Three. Countries will be in the domestic financial and international financial game in the wisdom to resolve the crisis, the economic development of our country to provide healthy blood will encourage people to increase industrial investment, reduce the virtual industry investment.

  Personal opinion: I am advocating industry, never invest in virtual industry, that the investment industry is false lose lose, earn and lose, win the virtual industry, the shortage of industrial listed companies. I think there are three types: the first is the development of good, with the listing to expand the influence, driving the market, also the excessive development of the market, promote the scale of production, however, the ones hardest hit, a serious shortage of orders, the stock market has shrunk severely. If the enterprise is outwardly strong but inwardly weak will lose, and if the enterprise is strong in strength, this is an excellent opportunity for development, such as Matsushita, SANYO Electric Holdings recently. In fact, we really should be how to develop industrial Study hard Panasonic the second is the enterprise present situation is good, the future development direction of the lack of correct understanding, cultivate enterprise internal power does not intensify, and excessive dependence on external forces, is to know how to create, but also know how to develop The development of enterprises, but to a certain height, do not know where the power. The listing was naturally determined for the development goals, the results after the listing, only to find that the development of industrial Bixinxin hard money easily, because of the short-term interests of the enterprise and the leader has become the biggest power, the first quick spirit will dominate the soul of the enterprise go for a long time, not today's crisis is no doubt. Third: the status quo of the future can also be guilty, to go public speculation, pass the crisis. In short, this crisis was the first against the debt too many enterprises, especially for virtual enterprises. Although the industry too turned under no eggs will survive, but in the sense of the industrial enterprise profit loss relatively minimal. People can not be too greedy, enterprises can not be too greedy, people to be pragmatic, do not retreat, enterprises should be even more so, because the enterprise undertakes the employees to survive , the service society, the national development of a major responsibility.

  Four. Countries will intensify efforts to cultivate the spirit of patriotism of financial, enterprises, social macro and micro management elite, they have the ability to, have the responsibility, not corruption, starting from the interests of the state and the people, to make decisions. Countries will vigorously carry forward the patriotic spirit and the spirit of serving the people.

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