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Crystals of the current situation and future development

作者:admin  日期:2016-06-13 13:58:42

  One. Quality and brand

  The first stage: 1990--1999 and process from immature to mature, stable quality never to stable, belongs to the learning progress stage, from Japan to Taiwan to study in the United States, as long as stronger than us we will learn, the period of domestic production enterprises did not pay attention to brand promotion, a missed opportunity.

  The second stage: 2000--2004, belonging to a stage of rapid development, talent explosion, engineer everywhere, as long as you have the money, you can on a production line, will be able to earn money. The level of overall quality along with the industrial scale has been further improved, but has to be mixed. During this period, all companies are busy expanding reproduction, increase the varieties, engage in capacity competition, price competition, is not to engage in brand promotion, as long as they can make money on the line, no matter what the future, feel world total demand will continue to improve, results around the world almost no our Chinese brand, how sad, the factory of the world no brand.

  The third stage: 2005-2009, oversupply, profit is hard to find, cheap raw materials into marketable goods, in the production of Jerry. Anyway, as long as the money, can make money, regardless of the quality of the products of the factory, the Chinese negative expertise played most incisive, at the same time, the two products become popular in the production of all. These products have entered the market, ask our customers whether you've been hurt. Today we finally tasted the entrepreneurs short-sighted consequences, large capacity, low profits, without their own brand market, market demand began to fluctuate, the quality stability is affected. We have experienced twenty years of development, earning a tan Zi idle equipment, no reserve funds, no brand, we are not foreign slaves, and what is new! China established, China people stood up, how exciting moment we now! May be a slave, but we can not always be a slave. Then we have to walk the road of the brand, the brand will inevitably lead to improve the quality.

  The fourth stage: after 2010, should enter the era of brand. As you may know, after the end of World War II, Japan is devastated, the Japanese nation may also be a thousand things wait to be done, the nature, they heard the Americans a advice: your way out is to rely on quality to the world. Now Japan has developed into a national brand, and we do, what is our national brand, we do these industries the negative what responsibility? Brand era is divided into three categories: one is to pay attention to quality, do not pay attention to the quality of management, such as Mengniu Dairy, brilliant yesterday, today in serious danger together; one is with the best quality and lowest price, the so-called high quality and inexpensive banner, neither do not pay attention to the quality of attention and management quality, only pay attention to money. Like the Sanlu Group, reviled; a class is not only pay attention to quality, and pay attention to the quality of management, pay more attention to how to improve their own Products of enterprises, only such enterprises to create the most trusted brand, the most secure, such as the Japanese market is the quality of competition in the market, is the most mature market.

  Two. Price and regional price

  Now is the price level of the largest gap period, competitive price advantage business, due to the sluggish market, earn a point is a point, the price will do business, to the development of the price advantage, so there is a certain price decline space; competitive businesses may have quality by reducing the price measures, to try to get more orders to maintain operations, but may be of no avail. Our strategy is to stabilize prices, increase the competitiveness of the spot, reduce unnecessary costs, enterprises rely on the strength and brand advantages through 08 years, although it is a turbulent year, the total sales of our products has exceeded 2007, although reduced the original customer usage, but this year the new customers increased significantly the amount is over, peer to lower prices and affect the quality of the sake. North China pay attention to the quality of customers in Southern China area and the proportion is higher than the East China region, at least I have no feeling Feel the price pressure, our future price policy is still to ensure quality and guarantee the reasonable profit based on the price system, do not make money on the strength, can not keep the development.

  Three. The relationship between supply and demand change and crisis

  Production and operation of ordinary civilian electronic products enterprises, the hardest hit, the majority of Southern China area;

  Production and operation of science and technology leading enterprise of civilian electronic products, by the smaller blow;

  The production of industrial products, military products business, there is an inevitable demand for social development, the fight against the smallest, North China, East China region are the majority.

  Four. Why must take the road of brand, although it is very difficult to start.

  Our domestic crystal production enterprise, 80% products are for others to OEM, for the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, European, South Korea Japan OEM, our intellectual property where! Our world market where? Economic prosperity period, we take the smallest profit, in a crisis period we paid the ultimate price. The capital market is in control of the United States, the United States like how to play on how to play, industrial brand and master in our hands, the market determines the right there is no, we do not lose to blame it. Go brand road is hard, don't worry, to do a lot of meticulous work, but we have to firmly believe that the future is bright.

  Five. Take the road of the brand should rise to the national goal

  Our country should also from the macro development up support and guidance from all walks of life to walk the road of the brand, only in this way will be a waste of time and resources, social development is healthy. Quality brand name and complement each other, common development and improve. Be good people and good product is highly consistent, countries should vigorously carry forward the national brand, so as to improve the quality of our products and our people's quality, profound, go15. This will become our national objectives.

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